Share your home and help other motorbike riders

Finally we implemented a new and useful tool on for all riders. It's a well know system for travelers used on other websites like couchsurfing but now for motorbike riders specifics needs. Your are on your trip and need to change your tires, or you need a bed to sleep, or a place for your tent, or tools to change your spark plug. You can use the and find riders where you are or plan to travel. is now

New year and new changes… 🙂 But as always we hope they are for better things! First, one of the most important change that gives the title of the post: due to an incomprehensible reason, there is a big company interested in taking off the original domain of the project: It is a big company but without any knowledge about Internet. We are right, but we don’t have enought resources nor time for a large fight. So to prevent any problem and in order to Continue reading →

New worldwide directory of services and business for motorbikers travelers

New worldwide directory of services and business for motorbikers travelers. Everything a traveler on motorbike need: customs, embassies, workshops, services, lodging, food, hospitals, security... and Free for all users. Help us and submit your prefered places and relevant information about them. You can submit photos, reviews, ratings... all useful information for all us. If it's your business, you can get a paid option to get extra features.

Select your range coverage for new Spots

With continuous improvement of in mind and after speaking with some users and get some personal time, now there is new options to select range coverage for submitted spots. There is two new options. One of them in moto-spot profile options. Here, with other moto-spot options, you can select a default range coverage for all your new submitted spots. This is very important for spot submited via sms or using your findmespot device where (for now) it’s not posible to select a range coverage. Continue reading →

New Question & Answer tool

I’m pleased to announce a new addition to Moto-Spot I hope will be helpful to all travelers. It’s a question & answer tool. This is a new tool for all our members traveling around the world. Before you are in trouble maybe you need information about the country you are going to visit. Where to cross the border ? How to get a Visa ? It’s safe ? Best place to visit in a city ? Any question to local people or other travelers that Continue reading →

Notification coverage increased to 200km

After some thoughts and opinions from users, I have decided to increase the notification coverage for new spots to 200 kms (approx). The system can be used not only for emergency help, also for mechanical support, recomendations, informations, tent space… etc, with a higher notification coverage can be easy to get support on remote locations where there isn’t too much people near and move on your bike 200 kms from your location isn’t too bad if you get the needed support. I hope this new notify Continue reading →