is now

New year and new changes… 🙂 But as always we hope they are for better things!

First, one of the most important change that gives the title of the post: due to an incomprehensible reason, there is a big company interested in taking off the original domain of the project:

It is a big company but without any knowledge about Internet. We are right, but we don’t have enought resources nor time for a large fight. So to prevent any problem and in order to continue with the project, we have decided to change to another domain name:

The website will continue to operate in with the same features and the same working services. Please, those of you registered or with the old domain ( name saved, change it to the new one ( It’s probable that we will maintain the domain, but to anticipate any posibility we have decided to finally change the domain name.

We hope you will love the new name also…

And with the new name, a new logo! Thanks to a registered user who has given the design of the logo that you see on the page. We really appreciate it. Things like this make us to trust on the project.



Another important feature added are “references about users“. Any user can write a reference about other user and give him a rating. This way we can say ‘Thanks my friend! It was nice your help!’ It’s easy, on the rider’s profile you will find the overall rating and a link to leave the reference.



And talking about users, the user list have been also refined, we added more information about the user on the list and now you can search by name, not only in the map.




The private message system has received a better look. We hope it can be used to request to other riders what you need in advanced preparing your travel, for example looking for to sleep in a city. Think about it like couchsurfing but more easy, for riders and without restrictions 🙂

private-message private-message-options send-private-message


Thank you all for making this project to grown!

On the road there is several new features to permit send and receive spot notifications more easily on any device with or without internet. We are thinking in a very strong support for the spot notification service. We hope to speak about them on beginning this year.