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home-spot-ridersWelcome to A site from riders to riders.

I’ve made many motorcycle trips and always I thought that it would be great to have a system where I could find other riders. Maybe I have a technical problem, need information or I would like to find a place to sleep and meet someone local. There are another systems on the internet in some similar manner but I don’t think there are any for riders.

So finally I decided to build one myself!

The system is easy and the basic idea is:

  • Register and enter your location
  • If you need help in your trip, send a spot with your location and will send a message to all members within 200 kms around you.
  • As a registered rider, an email will be sent to you if a rider needs help within 200 kms around you.
  • All communications are made through the webpage

I’m not English native but I chose English for as it’s the most universal language for travellers. Maybe in future I will add more languages.

The system is built on html responsive. It will work on all mobile devices or desktop. But I have planned an android and iphone version.

As you can see, there isn’t any banner, publicity or no paid services. I want this to be free for all riders, forever. I will support this project as long as I can with my resources and personal time but any donation or support will be welcome.

A detailed explanation on how this site work can be found here:

I hope can help all riders traveling around the world!

Motorbike Spot Riders’s Principles

  • will never sell your personal data
  • will be always free for riders
  • will not use third-party publicity (aka adsense, etc)
  • will not abuse your email

See you in!

(Thanks to Glyn from for corrections and translation)